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Thanks so much Jann, I always thought it would be such a struggle to give up and I still don’t know how you did it, but I have no desire at all to smoke.

I’m well into my third month now and feeling healthy and strong. My skin feels alive and I can exercise regularly now and have not gained any weight.” Thanks again. M.T

Hi Jann. I feel like I have a whole new life now, I wanted to let you know that I have a great job now. I’ve almost paid off all my debt. Before, whenever things were going well I would think this is too good to last, Thanks for the ‘mind-shift’ as you call it. Before I came to see you I was very skeptical about Hypnosis.

I had watched the Secret but felt like a failure because it didn’t work for me. You made me feel confident and able to see that whatever had happened to me in the past was just a perception and helped me to change it. Thanks.” Jarred. P.S.

I still listen to the CD you gave me, although I don’t need to. It puts me to sleep every night.
I have suffered from anxiety attacks all my adult life. I have been to Psychologists and on medication but nothing works like Hypnosis.

It has completely changed me. You made me understand that my anxiety and fear were controlling me and gave me the ability to take back control. More importantly you gave me the tools to change. I want to thank you so, so, so much for everything you’ve done for me! I’m alive and feeling great!

I am energized by my accomplishments. I really have so much energy. I am doing things I never dreamt possible.” L.Z

Hi Jann, as I said before, I’m amazed at the positive changes in my daughter. She seems so confident and happy these days, School and the previously dreaded orals are a thing of the past. Thank you for your caring and insightful therapy. I have given your number to S’s Teacher at School, who is also amazed at how confident S has become.J.T

Well, all the flights are behind me now and what was it like? ……I have to say that the more I flew the easier it got. The first time was easy with beer on the plane…

A week later it was good with headphones on… Yesterday I got back after a twelve hour flight and it was AMAZING! When the plane took off I had to look out the window to see if the wheels actually lifted. I didn’t feel a thing. When it landed I had to check if it was on the ground already because it was so smooth.

One of the 2 hour flights my husband told me I did really well because it was actually a bad flight. I was surprised because I loved it! I looked forward to my flights as they approached. The difference was that I realised (with your help) why I had this fear.

That it was never a real fear at all. Thank you so much. I would any day pay what I paid you and more to be released from those panic attacks that I used to have.

Also an update on J; She is STILL losing weight! She’s lost 15kg and says it’s effortless”

This is just a quick thank you email, to say that I’im very happy with the results I’ve been getting since coming to you.

I’ve been sleeping easy before big auditions and just being comfortable and myself and been getting good feedback.
You hepled me to remember why I got into acting in the first place-cos I loved it, not for the money. and you helped me to remeber not to take myself so seriously both in life and as an actor and just to hav fun.

I think coming to you was a turning point and definatley worth it. I feel alot more at peace with myself and the feel that I’ve taken the pressure off myself and it shows in my performances.

Thanks again, I’m sure I will come see you again some time in the future, but for now I’m very happy.”

Dear Jann. Its been 5 months and I’m still doing great. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. It’s like my fear was from another life. After 4 sessions with you I really feel in control of my life. As you said life just keeps getting better and better.Rina S

Hi Jann,
I am so happy with the great results I have had from your hypnotherapy in treating my numerous allergies. I have tried various other treatments in the past, and hypnosis has been, by far, the most successful.

It is wonderful to be able of eat something as simple as a peanut butter sandwich again, and to be able to enjoy a glass of wine is the cherry on top. The CD that you made has allowed me to go on clearing allergies as they are identified. I am in control now instead of feeling beaten down by my body rejecting the so many things that I eat, drink and use on my skin.

I am so much more positive now.
Many, many thanks,”
Connie Symons


So I am now a seasonal flyer again, all went so well, I listened to our recordings a few times before I left, and a few times before I returned, I took it very easy on the pills, (only half for all four flights, as apposed to one per flight) and actually was able to sleep on the last few flights, and just for good measure they threw in two extra flights in and around Kenya, so eight in total 🙂

Many thanks again for your help :)”


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