How Hypnosis Works

How Hypnosis Works

That hypnosis works should not really come as any surprise. After all, every thought dictating action originates in the brain, so if we can change our thinking we can change our actions. The mind is far more receptive to suggestion when in a state of hypnosis, allowing the usual inhibitors of the conscious mind to be set aside. In this state, learned behaviours and responses do not get in the way of logical, rational thought. The hypnosis practitioner is simply a guide, directing the client through their own subconscious mind, recalling the feelings of memories that help to explain why we have adopted certain reactions and behaviours in response to certain stimuli, and suggesting an alternative reaction or response that improves the outcome.

Hypnosis, when practiced properly, is a safe and gentle way of accessing memories. There is no reason to relive events. It is enough to find the events that triggered a particular problem, unravel them and find an appropriate solution.

Think of hypnosis as a personal trainer for the mind, providing positive reinforcement, transforming the mind and improving overall performance, using tools such as relaxation, narrative, visualization, age regression, role play and music.

Like many complimentary medicines, hypnosis is often condemned because of misuse, ignorance, mistaken beliefs and overstated claims.

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