Challenge the reactions and behaviours thatChallenge the reactions and behaviours that no longer serve you. Overcome addiction, anxiety, fear, phobias, negative thought patterns, depression... And find happiness. no longer serve you. Overcome addiction, anxiety, fear, phobias, negative thought patterns, depression… And find happiness.

Welcome to Cape Town Hypnosis Centre where we provide a non-invasive and personally empowering therapy to help our clients overcome a wide range of emotional and physical problems and traumas.

Your hypnosis practitioner will be your guide, leading you through your subconscious mind. Your usual conscious inhibitors will be set aside and you will be able to recall events and feelings of memories that help to explain why certain behaviours  and reactions occur in response to certain stimuli. Once the root cause has been identified, the subconscious can be reprogrammed to respond in a new and healthier way. Think of hypnosis as a personal trainer for the mind, providing positive reinforcement, transforming the mind and improving overall performance, using tools such as relaxation, narrative, visualization, age regression, role play and music and NLP.

We offer private sessions and group workshops, depending on your requirements.

Stop Smoking Programme

Smoking is a mental and physical habit which is easier to give up using hypnosis.
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How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis, when practiced properly, is a safe and gentle way of accessing memories.
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Ask Away… (FAQ’s)

The answers to your questions may be found under our FAQ section.
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Comments and Testimonials

Read what our previous clients had to say about their experiences with us.
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